Our mission:

GO4CIRCLE is a members association, founded to defend the interests of the sector (and therefore its members) with respect to the environment. GO4CIRCLE wants to be the interface between the sector and the various governments. GO4CIRCLE tries to achieve this by representing their members in various forums and by informing their members optimally.

GO4CIRCLE defends the interests of the private waste sector on a local, regional, federal, European and international level. For the European and international level, they do this in collaboration with FEAD (http://www.fead.be).

The members of GO4CIRCLE are mostly involved in collection, sorting, recycling, treating and processing waste and contaminated soil.


GO4CIRCLE is a non-profit association with a Board of Directors and a Secretariat. The most important work of the federation is done through Working groups. Task Forces concentrate on the more recent issues.


For 400 euro, companies from the environmental sector that are not yet member of the association and are active in waste processing and/or soil cleansing, can become ‘observing member’ of GO4CIRCLE for a period of 6 months. During this period they have the same rights as all other members, except for voting during the General Assembly. After a period of 6 months, the company can decide if they want to join the federation effectively. If they do decide to join in, they sign the Ethical Code.

In addition to this charter GO4CIRCLE members engage in complying to:

  • The Code of Good Practice for accepting, manipulating, registrating and draining of asbestoswaste or other materials containing asbestos in Flemish sorting centres.
  • The point of view not to provide services to volunteers for the collection of paper.

The yearly membership fee is calculated in relation to the yearly turnover of the activities for which the member joins GO4CIRCLE.

For more information, please contact the Secretariat.